pokemon go

Pokemon Go is simply hysterical. Specialists are trying to find answers to this success.

The application “Pokemon Go” has become a global phenomenon and although the company has not published official figures. Analysts are now trying to find out why it became so popular in a short time. The main reason, they say, as it encourages social interaction. The phenomenon has generated a lot of views, both for and against in the online environment. Some consider the application a way to be controlled, others appeared to finally enjoy a game online that relates to real life and that makes users to quit sitting on the couch.

pokemon go

“The app makes people no longer confined to the virtual interaction. I was out of the house and meeting other players. So the social component of the application has benefits on the real  interaction that’s developing between the players.” Says psychologist Dimitros Tsivrikos quote ProTV. Another thing which has led experts believe the immediate success of the game is the fact that players can no longer hide behind a photo and username. You can take advantage of the pokemon go hack.

“People are building their virtual  personalities who do not fit all the time with the way they really are. In augmented reality, you come face to face with other players. So, you’re somewhat obligated to be honest, to create the character in the online environment similar to the reality. “says the specialist. And users seem to be of the same opinion. “I’m not a fan of the games on your phone, so I was surprised that I downloaded the software, but I think it is a combination of real life and is quite fun.” Says one player.

Meanwhile, fans stormed application parks and streets of major cities and in London people organizing the biggest party for the users of the game, where they will meet and jointly find cartoon characters.